Welcome to the Iron Hill Science Center

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The Iron Hill Science Center has exhibits geared towards the natural sciences of entomology (insects), paleontology (fossils), geology (earth processes with a focus on rocks and minerals), zoology (our collection of taxidermy ranges from mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish), and botany (plants).

The Delaware Academy of Science is the parent organization that owns and operates the Iron Hill Science Center.

The Iron Hill Museum (School House #112C), is the original location of the entire collections of the Delaware Academy of Science from 1967-2016. This building was built in 1923 with the sole purpose of being a center of learning for the African American students that lived in and around Iron Hill Village. If you would like to see this building and the current exhibits within the school house, please ask at the Science Center for a staff member to take you over to see it.

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