Delaware Academy of Science

The current Delaware Academy of Science (DAS) was founded in 1962, and at that time, it was a way for universities and science academics to be able to publish their works in the transactions. From 1967 to the present,  the Delaware Academy of Science has owned and operated the Iron Hill Museum. In 2003, the Chestnut Hill Iron Pit Preserve (CHIPP) property began its life with DAS. The most recent addition began in 2014, when the DAS added the Science Center where it officially opened to the public on May 1, 2016.

The DAS has been a 501(c)3 Non-profit since 1968.

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 Board of the Delaware Academy of Science

Robin Broomall (President)

Debra Keese (Vice President)

Elizabeth Edwards (Treasurer)

Carol Mills (Secretary)

Charles Brown

Shawn Klapinsky

Michael Vancilli

Kathleen White

“Artifacts on wall”- Maureen Zieber

2022 in memory of Marnie King