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Maureen Zieber
Golden Ragwort- Iron Hill Pollinator Garden

We have reopened to the public. Please see our Action Plan by clicking here.

Museum & Science Center Hours

Museum & Science Center Admission

At the Iron Hill Science Center, you can wander around the mineral and taxidermy collections (this is the main entrance to our complex), explore local history at the Iron Hill Museum (open upon request), and feel free to take a small hike on our nature trails. We are next to the Iron Hill Park, and our trails blend in nicely with the park trails, so we encourage you to extend your hike into the park. Please pick up a park map in the science center on your way to the trails.

The Iron Hill Science Center and Iron Hill Museum are owned and operated by the Delaware Academy of Science (DAS) and are dedicated to the natural sciences. The collections within the Iron Hill Science Center include- geology (rocks and minerals), paleontology (fossils), mammalogy (mammals), ornithology (birds), entomology (insects), and more. The Iron Hill Science Center is now the main office for the DAS, where visitors can visit, enjoy a program, and learn about the world around them in a cozy setting.

The Iron Hill Science Center is located at 1115 Robert L. Melson Lane
Newark, DE 19702. A private, paved parking lot is available for use. Click here for directions.

Science Center

Handicapped accessible restrooms & water fountains.

The gift shop offers reasonable prices that range from $0.25 to $40, depending on the item.

View the layout.

Field Trips & Outreach Programs

We welcome field trip reservations seven days a week. We do ask that you call or email to request a reserved tour at least 48 hours ahead of the trip day if you have twenty or less students. If you have more than twenty students, we require at least 72 hours ahead of the request to secure necessary staff and supplies.  Visit the page for educators for more information.

“Boxturtle”- Maureen Zieber