NEW EXHIBIT: PaleoZOO on display for July through September 2021

PaleoZOO on display in the Iron Hill Science Center

Brought to you in part of the David B. Jones Foundation, the special exhibit for the 2021 summer is all about fossils. The exhibit are don display at Iron Hill Science Center in Newark now through September.

“PaleoZOO” is an interesting collection of fossils from several locations around the globe, with the C&D Canal fossils being a sizable part of the collection. There are around 200 fossils that range from marine life during the Paleozoic Era all the way up to a few pieces of mammoth teeth that are dated to the early Cenozoic Era.

Like last year during “Under the Sea” Exhibit, we have included the state fossil of Delaware, known as the Belemnite.

Belemnitella americana is a cephalopod related to the squids, octopods, and cuttlefish that live in the ocean today. Belemnite went extinct about the same time as dinosaurs but their fossil remains can still be found along the C&D canal. Because cephalopods are marine animals, it shows the Delmarva Peninsula was once under water and part of the ocean.

In our classroom, a 4’X8′ mural, painted by Tori Paruszewski, illustrates several marine creatures as they might have appeared millions of years ago. This is accompanied by other smaller art pieces done by Paruszewski to highlight different studies done by the artist in preparation of the mural.

The fossils on display are old collections owned by the Delaware Academy of Science, donations from WildDelaware (find him on Instagram), the Wilkens estate, and the Thompson estate, as well as a loan from community member and Delaware Academy of Science Board Member, Marnie King.

This display will attract anyone who considers themselves lovers of fossils and ancient creatures. PaleoZoo will be on display from now through September. The Iron Hill Science Center is open Tuesday through Friday from 10a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from noon until 4 p.m. Admission is $2 per person. Members of the Delaware Academy of Science are free. The Center is located at 1115 Robert L. Melson Lane, Newark, DE 19702.

For more information, email, or call 302-368-5703.

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