Land Acknowledgement Statement´┐╝

What is a land acknowledgement?

Iron Hill Museum & Science Center educates about indigenous people

The Iron Hill Museum & Science Center works with indigenous people from all over the region for events, research, and advocacy. In partnership with local, state, and university archaeologists, the museum and science center also strive to give scientific study to indigenous voices to build a balanced account of history to the original people of the land.

The collections that the Iron Hill Museum & Science Center take care of are examples and samples that represent the indigenous people that traditionally call Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania home.

Traditional territories

If you need help determining which traditional territory you are situated in, Native Land is a wonderful website that includes an interactive map. The map is always updating and changing as new historical information is uncovered, since knowing all about original inhabitants of areas is complicated. Reasons for conflicting information can include migration, displacement, shrinking and growing populations, and genocide, just to name a few. Since the map is in flux, Indigenous researchers are working on making information available. Therefore, Native Land can serve as a starting point for further investigation.