2022 Events

Every month, the Museum & Science Center will have a program for families to enjoy a nature related topic. See below for our schedule.

  • The program is included with the price of admission. Admission is $2 per person.
  • Our open hours are 12pm until 4pm each Saturday. Each program is 20 minutes long throughout our open hours.
  • All visitors are welcome to a small free gift from us as a thank you for visiting the Iron Hill Museum & Science Center.

August 27, 2022 – Something’s Bugging Me! (Intro to bugs)

Exploring entomology can be a little intimidating for some, but we are inviting you to build a relationship with the largest group in the animal kingdom! Insects play one of the most important roles in terrestrial ecosystems. Did you know that some forms of modern day technology comes from studying bugs? They can also inspire a deep connection to nature. Sign up to talk about a diverse range of insect species, along with the base they create for the food web, pollination, recycling, and more!

Toddler Time is a new program for the Iron Hill Museum & Science Center! Each month, we are inviting all children ages 1-4 to learn about the world around them. Bring your babies out for a small walk, a story, and a craft to take home! Our science center also has coloring pages and wall magnets for sensory-friendly fun! Admission is $2 per person (children under 1 free for this program).

September 30 (Only)- Info TBA

October 14 & 15- Info TBA

November 4 & 5- Info TBA

December 9&10- Info TBA

Iron Hill Powwow 2022!!