2021 Summer Camp Registration

If registering online, please use the form below. One camper per registration. If you have questions, please call 302-368-5703. If you have questions or are registering by email, please email the Director, Maureen Zieber, at director@ironhillsciencecenter.org

Complete a separate registration form for each child.
Format request: 10 years old 3/12/2011
E-mail is used to send out confirmation of camp admittance. Your email address will remain confidential.
Each camper will receive a white shirt with our logo on it.
Please note that CAMP TUITION IS $185.00 per week per camper. EXTENDED CARE $70/week (OR $30 FOR AM ONLY/ $40 FOR PM ONLY). Please complete a separate registration form for each child.
EXTENDED CARE $70/week (OR $30 for AM only/ $40 for PM only). This price is for one camper each week.
Please inform us of any other condition we should be aware of. This information is confidential and will enable us to better serve your child.
NOTE: you can obtain DE immunization records quickly at 1-800-282-8672. Make sure to email that information at director@ironhillsciencecenter.org
We accept most credit cards with the exception of American Express.